Friday, February 6, 2015

Summer Lovin' {August 2014}

I realize this post is about 6 months late, but the other day when I was searching through my drafts I realized I never posted it. Plus, it was nice to be reminded in the depths of winter that it will get warm again and we will enjoy the beautiful outdoors once again :)

So here the last of our summer pictures before Daddy headed back to the football grind:

We had a movie night complete with a fort and plenty of snacks

 Kyle and I had the opportunity to attend the NFL Hall of Fame game. It's the 1st NFL pre-season game of the season. The teams playing were the Packers and Giants. This is the same stadium Malone plays at…it looked a little different for an NFL game :)

 It was a beautiful evening and a fun last date before football began.

We both go to so many football games, but it is rare to attend a game together. In our 18 years of dating/marriage this is probably only the 2nd game we've ever attended together, so it was super fun to gain a new perspective.

We also made one last zoo visit before the cold set in. We went with our friends, the Penners.

My little penguins

pretending to be a flamingo
these sweet friends holding hands

being sleeping flamingos…love their little imaginations
 And to round out the summer fun we visited the county fair! One of the football coaches has older daughters that participate in 4-H so we had the pleasure of meeting their pigs and they showed us around the fair grounds.

they were such big helpers

Sawyer is typically scared of all furry animals, so for him to pet the rabbit was a big deal

 And of course we had to sample some of the fair food…corn dogs, shaved ice and milkshakes were on the menu
Nora talked a big game before we got to the fair she was so excited to see and pet pigs just like Wilbur from Charlotte's Web…but when we got there she chickened out. She wouldn't touch them because they made such loud noises. She did pet a large steer.

Kolter was present at all of these events, but apparently I was too busy with #1 and #2 to capture of picture of the little guy :)

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