Friday, January 30, 2015

5 (or 6) on Friday

1) Hair Cut
Last week I got my hair cut and highlighted. I feel like a new woman! Does anyone else out there feel invigorated with a new hair cut and color? I had not had a highlight in about a year and when I saw pictures of myself during the fall I always disliked the dark hair color on myself.

So I bit the bullet and chopped my hair to a long bob and added a full head of highlights. I love it! Is it weird that it totally energizes me? It makes me want to do my hair and put on make-up instead of spending all day in my sweats with little to no effort spent on myself. I realize appearance isn't everything, but it's just what I needed to get through the dreary, freezing cold days of an Ohio winter.

2) Girls Weekend
A few weeks ago I got to spend the weekend with some of my favorite people! Me and four of my college friends from Taylor got together for the 1st time in over 5 years (I was pregnant with Sawyer last time we were all together).

We had so much fun and it was is always so refreshing to spend time with people who know you so well. We may not have seen each other in 5 years, but we picked right back up like no time had passed (though there was lots of catch up as we had 2 weddings and 7 children born during that span).

My college roommate, Drew, graciously hosted at her house in Indianpolis. We arrived on Friday evening and enjoyed dinner at her house and hours of chatting and catching up. Saturday morning we traveled an hour north to Taylor. Our 1st stop was English Hall, our home away from home. We wanted to be the old ladies who stop by their old wing and reminisce with the current college students living in their old room. Unfortunately, no one was around (they were all ice skating :). So, we moved on and did a walking tour of the campus including my first visit to the new science center and the memorial chapel built in honor of those who passed away in the accident in 2006. We also ate lunch at Ivanhoe's...because of course! And the ice cream was as good as I remembered!

my mouth is still watering

Drew, Sarah and Hannah on our old wing
Me and Drew at our old room
Walking that very familiar sidewalk
our attempt at a group selfie

Visiting one of my favorite places with some of my favorite people
Saturday evening we headed to downtown Indy and ate at a fun tapas restaurant. Then we returned home for more chatting. Sunday we went to church and when we returned our final mate. We spent the remainder of the day taking a walk, catching up with our newest arrival, doing a craft (we made boot socks!), eating cupcakes and watching football.

Monday we relaxed, ate some more, played a new game (Ticket to Ride) and generally just enjoyed each others company. We all departed for home on Monday afternoon. We stayed up way past my bedtime every night, but it was so refreshing to have some kid-free time and to spend time with girls I adore!

And a huge thank you to my mother-in-law, Sheila, for flying out and watching the kids so I could go!

3) Cinderella's House
One night I was trying to get Nora in bed and she was stalling. She was melting down and crying. I asked what was wrong and she wailed, "we didn't go to Cinderella's house!" Well this was a new my haste to get her to sleep I said we might be able to go to Cinderella's house tomorrow. Big mistake, huge! She will not let it go...each day she asks to go to Cinderella's house. I've asked her if she wants us to We tried renting the movie to see if that would appease her...nope. She really wants to meet Cinderella and/or see her castle/house. Short of visiting Disney World any suggestions for visiting Cinderella's house? At this point she is happy saying we can go to Cinderella's house in August or I guess we've bought ourselves some time ;)
We went to the library to see if that was Cinderella's castle…obviously it was not!

4) School Search
We are currently in the throes of deciding when/if and where Sawyer will go to school next year. We are debating whether he will attend preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten. Half-day or full day? Public, private, charter? Traditional or Montessori? I can't believe he is old enough to even have this discussion! I also can't believe we have to make this decision in doesn't start for another 6 months!

I went to a kindergarten informational meeting at his current preschool, which is also a private grade school. I was very impressed with their program and would love for Sawyer to continue there, but it is a private school so finances are part of the equation. Then we visited a local charter school that is Montessori based. I was pleasantly surprised by our visit. I liked the smaller environment, it is technically a public school so it would be free, it's half-day, etc...but there is a lottery to get in so it may not be an option. Then next week we have the kindergarten registration at the public school. I'm trying to withhold any decisions until we check out the public school, but some things I'm concerned about is the all-day kindergarten and to be honest I do not know anyone who goes to this school so I have no frame of reference (and that makes me nervous). I'm just praying for the Lord's direction and clarity about the decision. Strangely enough I'm not really that worried about Sawyer. I know he is ready for kindergarten, but I am nervous about making these decisions for him because it could affect the rest of his schooling years...

Funny side story...his pre-school teacher pulled me aside the other day and told me after she did his kindergarten readiness test she said "Sawyer, I think you are about ready for kindergarten." Sawyer's response, "Yep, I was born ready!"

5) Flash Died

Kyle drives a 1985 Toyota of January 1st his truck turned 30 years old! When we returned home from Christmas break it became very apparent that Kyle's truck, lovingly named Flash, was on it's last leg. For several months it would not shift out of 2nd gear. And on January 5th the engine started, but it wouldn't go anywhere. The transmission died in the Malone parking lot. The truck served us well for 5 made the trek from KS when we moved, it was a huge help as we renovated an entire house, it served the football team well hauling equipment to and from practice each day and the kids adored getting to take special rides in Flash with Daddy.

I'm not really that sad about the truck, but I am sad about buying a "new" vehicle. I abhor spending money on cars, but alas in these brutal winter months (when a bike isn't an option) it is needed. So we are on the hunt for a new vehicle. While Kyle would love another truck our priorities are low miles and something that will fit the whole family. So we've narrowed our options down to a Toyota Camry. Kyle test drove one vehicle, but we would like to drive a few more before we decide. One complication is Kyle works everyday, several evenings a week and every weekend during recruiting our opportunities to find a car are few and far between. Right now it's working to share 1 vehicle, but it can be a hassle. Praying we find a good option in our price range soon!

6) 9th Anniversary
We celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary on New Year's Eve. Well we didn't actually celebrate because we were still traveling and spending time with family. When we returned home we quickly scheduled a babysitter for a night out. We went to PF Chang's for a nice dinner. Nothing too exciting, but when you have 3 kids 4 and under a dinner out, alone is pretty exciting!

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