Friday, February 27, 2015

5 Things...

 5 Things I love about my 5 year old

1. His laugh is infectious.
Sawyer loves to laugh- even asking to be tickled
He is quick to laugh- you should hear some of his "jokes"

2. His love for his siblings.
Nora is his best friend and while they fight at times, most days they are inseparable
Kolter is his buddy and he is very protective of his "evil twin." Sawyer is the only one who can get Kolter to belly laugh. Sawyer just has to be silly and Kolter will giggle.

3. His sense of play.
Sawyer is always up for a game- running, board games, puzzles, a made up on the spot game, football (with kids of any age), it doesn't matter he will always be up for joining in

4. His insatiable urge to learn.
From a very young age his ability to pick-up on concepts astounded me. He knew his alphabet and could identify all of his letters by age 2. He knew all of his letter sounds by age 3. I never taught sat down with him to learn any of these things. He just picked them up through Sesame Street, reading books, etc. In recent days he is sounding out words and making up his own math problems. He doesn't need to be coerced to learn. He innately wants to learn and he soaks up his environment.

5. His sense of adventure.
Sawyer could live outside. He loves to explore. He loves to use his tools and figure out how things work. He loves to ride his bike, run around, play soccer, climb anything and everything, jump, tackle, wrestle, etc.

6. And one more too grow on…he loves to snuggle! He is a rough and tumble boy, but he requests a snuggling session at least once a day. And I'm always guaranteed a good squeeze and kiss each morning.

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