Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentines for All {Kids Krafts}

The other day we made valentines for Sawyer's preschool class. Confession…we used the same printables from last year…I did however buy new candy :)

With all the excitement Nora wanted to join in so I promised her we would make Valentines she could sent to the grandparents. She immediately latched onto this activity so I quickly consulted the Pinterest for a simple idea. In the end I took a couple of toilet paper rolls out of the trash ;) and formed them into a heart shape (a.k.a. bent them in the middle). I just happened to have a plethora of red and pink card stock and some glittery red paint (yay for using up craft supplies). Then we got down to work!

Sawyer stamped a total of 7 hearts (1 for each member of our family, 1 for God and 1 for Jesus :) Then he was done. Nora, however, stamped her heart out for over an hour creating an endless supply of Valentine cards. This little girl loves herself a good craft. And Mommy loves a good, simple, clean craft.

Sawyer was done with his stamping within 2 minutes…then he helped entertain Kolter
my girl in action

This was seriously the easiest craft and it worked really well…you never know how these kids crafts are going to go. In fact it worked so well I even joined the fun and made a couple myself.

a small sampling of Nora's handiwork

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