Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lamby Love

Nora has a lamby that she adores. She sleeps with it every night and nap. It is her security animal and she loves it dearly. Several weeks ago she started asking for a little lamb for lamby. She thought lamby needed a child. She was very specific about what lamby would look like. She must be white and pink with a hear nose. 

Me being the good, crafty mom kept putting her off, hoping her requests would cease. Finally after several weeks of asking I started to search for a little lamby pattern. There were several options available, but they all cost money and I wasn't willing to spend $10 on a pattern when I could buy her a mini lamby for less than $10.

Finally I found a picture of a lamb I liked and thought I could re-create. Then I found a free fox pattern so I adapted it to work for the little lamb (decreased the size to 50%, lengthened the arms and legs, and made my own pattern for the scalloped hair and ears).

Nora chose the fabrics from my stash and here is the final result...

She is not perfect, but I think she turned out cute and more importantly Nora LOVES her!

This sweet girl loves her animals well!

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