Monday, February 23, 2015

Nora News

I've been doing lots of posts about the boys because 1 is a baby and 1 just had a birthday. So, I thought it was time for a little Nora update. Nora has a big personality…for better or worse ;)

She can be so sweet and loving one minute and then super angry the next.

She has a wonderful imagination. Several times a day she tells me the title of her new song and proceeds to perform her very random ballads. She has also created an imaginary ballet school that rivals Sawyer's preschool…in all things. If Sawyer tells a story from school she will repeat the same story changing the characters to fit the names of people at her "pink ballet school."

She loves all things pink and sparkly, but her favorite toy is still Buzz Lightyear.

She loves to read.

She makes up stories for her stuffed animals and always has one in tow.

Lately she has been into naming everything.

She adores flowers. She wants to pick them. She wants to grow them. She wants to smell them. She wants the snow to melt so the flowers will bloom. She is obsessed.

She LOVES the men in her life…daddy, papa (all of them) and her brothers.

She loves to color and craft.

One of her love languages is most certainly gifts. She loves to receive gifts. If you give her a gift (even just a scribbled on piece of paper) she will cherish it forever. She is always asking who gave her what. A new shirt…who bought it for me? Who gave me these shoes? Mema gave us jelly at Christmas and Nora wanted to know who gave it to us. I told her Mema and she just thought that was the best gift ever and immediately wanted to call her and thank her. She is always asking me to make her things.

On the flip side when someone doesn't make something for her she becomes distraught. For example, if Sawyer colors Daddy and picture, but not Nora…that is sure to induce water works.

This girl has spunk! And she gives us so much joy!

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