Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What do they think?

One of my friends graciously offered to watch Sawyer and Nora one morning. The kids had a blast playing with her children and they came home with this special surprise.

She asked the kids questions and this is their response...

My thoughts…40 really? at least he didn't say 100, which is his typical number answer. My favorite color is green. I would just like it to be known that I do not wear red crocs…however, I do own some from my college days and he loves them. Most of his answers are right on…except the age thing obviously :)

My thoughts…Nora has no concept of numbers yet. While I do like to take pictures I do not like pretzels (she does :). She too got my favorite color, we obviously have talked about this…nice to know they listen. I have no clue what the Lunch Box game is :)

Such a sweet gift from a sweet friend. It's so fun to see how their little minds work, especially from an outside environment.

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