Friday, February 20, 2015

Handmade Ornaments {Kids Krafts}

I promise this will be the final post about last year ;) Truth be told I just finished their Christmas ornaments this past weekend.

Each year I make the kids an ornament for the Christmas tree. I try to make an ornament that represents the past year. This year I had the ornament design picked out and the felt cut before Christmas, but then the progress stalled…until this past weekend.

So without further ado:

a Lego head for Sawyer: he received his 1st Lego set for his birthday in January 2014 (4th birthday) and he has been obsessed ever since. He plays with them daily during rest time. He can follow the directions to any set, no matter the age specifications. He always follows the directions the first few times he assembles a set, but then he lets his creativity shine as he designs his own creations.

Lamby for Nora: Nora received a Doc McStuffins kit for Christmas 2013 and she carried it everywhere throughout the year. When I was pregnant with Kolter last winter she would accompany to the doctor's office and she always brought along her doctors kit to give the nurses a check-up. She even brought it to football games and the nice people in the crowd would let her inspect them. Also, her love for stuffed animals deepened and she lamby became her attachment animal. She cannot fall asleep without her safely in her arms.

a personalized onesie for Kolter: this ornament commemorates Kolter's 1st Christmas and matches his sibling's ornaments.

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