Saturday, July 6, 2013

While they were away...

The last few posts about our dates were crammed into 1 week because the next week Kyle went to Kansas to help on the farm and camp with his friends.

This trip had been planned for months and as the trip drew near I was becoming increasingly wary of being alone with both kids for a full week. Then days before the trip I had an epiphany, Nora is still free to fly. And a few calls later it was set. Nora went with Kyle to spend some time with all the grandparents.

In order to keep Sawyer's mind off the fact that Daddy was gone and Nora was with grandma I tried to keep him very busy. For 5 mornings he went to VBS and loved it! One day we had a messy play date (more on that in another post). We also passed the time with walks, trips to the park, a dinner at Chick-fil-a, a few movies and a trip to a 4th of July festival.

I was volunteering at our church booth at the festival and it happened to be smack dab in the middle of a bunch of inflatables. It was difficult to keep him away for the 2 hours I was working (in fact he ran away a few times, I hate that feeling :( But once I was done working the fun began! He played in all the inflatables (maze, jump houses, huge slide, etc). Then he got his face painted. He is a lion but he was very insistent about having a red nose.

I finally pulled him away from the bouncy houses when I announced it was time to eat. This was his 1st experience with fair food and he chose a hot dog. The strange child only ate the bun :) I was a happy camper though because I had my annual corn dog.

And for a snack he chose cotton candy. This was his 1st taste and I think he liked it :)

While we had lots of fun it was a trying week. Every other sentence out of Sawyer's mouth was "I want my Daddy." He also really struggled going to sleep because he is used to sleeping in the same room with Nora. Needless to say we were both VERY glad when Daddy and Nora returned home.

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