Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Daddy & Daughter {Week of Dates}

The next night Kyle took Nora on a Daddy/Daughter date. The first stop was a park. Nora enjoyed her time 

and climbing
Then they went out for an ice cream dessert.

And to cap off the evening Nora had her 1st bookstore experience. Kyle adores going to the bookstore to peruse the shelves and Nora adores books so it was the perfect place for them to spend some time together. Nora even got to pick out a new book. Of course she went for a Dr. Suess book as those are her favorites.

Daddy and Nora, sorry it's blurry she was very excited about the book
While Daddy and Nora were out on their date Sawyer and I had some fun. This was the evening after the baseball game and midnight bedtime for Sawyer so I decided to play it low key. Sawyer got to pick out his 1st rental movie and a snack. He chose Jungle Book for the movie and M&M's (of course) for the snack. We came home and ate popcorn with M&M's while we watched the movie. He thought it was a great special treat even though it didn't require much effort.

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