Thursday, July 18, 2013

Messy Play Date

If you've been reading this blog for long you know we attend a play group each week. It's where many of our activity pictures originate from. This past week I volunteered to host the play group and we had a messy playdate.

The play date certainly lived up to it's name, it was messy and all the kids had a grand time (even my messy adverse boy)! Sawyer doesn't like to get messy all over however he had no issues getting his hands dirty since he knows he can wash them :)

Thanks to Pinterest inspiration I created several stations including: shaving cream pool, goop, painting with your hands and feet, an I Spy game in a pool of spaghetti and bubbles. 

It was kind of a rainy day but the moisture stopped before the play date and began again as we were picking up. So, while it was a little wet it didn't matter because we were there to get dirty!

I wasn't sure how long the fun would last as the attention span of 2-4 year olds is very unpredictable, but they played hard for over 2 hours. Then we sat down to have a dirt snack (pudding, crumbled oreos and gummy worms).

It was a blast letting the kids just dig in and get as messy as they wanted.
The I Spy spaghetti pool

the spaghetti pool eventually turned into a food fight

filling up the shaving cream pool
experimenting with food coloring and shaving cream
some even thought it was tasty

goop table
painting with hands and feet, Sawyer had to do both simultaneously
the finished product
and for the sweet girls who didn't want to get messy, bubbles

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