Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lately {2}

My 2 love bugs freshly bathed watching a movie before bed. Too sweet!

A few weeks ago I was doing some major spring cleaning (think scrubbing the kitchen for 5 hours and cleaning all the windows inside and out). One of the tasks was organizing the coat closet. The kids were "helping" and ran across some winter hats they just had to wear the rest of the day. To top it off Nora was wearing Sawyer's Crocs that are still way to big for him :)

One evening we went to Chick-fil-a for kids eat free night and there was a balloon maker there. Sawyer waited very patiently for his turn. When asked what he wanted he didn't care he just wanted it to be red. The man thought then pulled out a red balloon and started creating something. Then he said "Do you like Sesame Street?" Of course Sawyer said yes and he said his favorite character was Elmo. Thus the Elmo balloon was born. Made his night!

When Nora returned from KS Sawyer was over the moon excited to play with Nora again. So we let them run wild for awhile and then Nora came downstairs and asked to get "up." I followed her up the stairs to find Sawyer in the crib along with EVERYTHING in from their closet :)

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