Monday, July 22, 2013

OBX {Part 2}

While we had lots of fun outside sometimes we needed to cool down inside. We also had 1 rainy day that was spent inside.

lots of cousin iPad sharing

Watching a few movies

Breaking in their sunglasses

But once the weather cleared or naps were over we were back outside enjoying the pool.

For meals each family was 1 responsible for 1 meal. And we scheduled in some out-to-eat nights. Since we were by the sea we naturally had to visit seafood spots. The two restaurants we went to were Uncle Ike's Sandbar and Fat Crabs. Both were delicious!

I can't get over this picture...she looks so old!
after dinner we enjoyed some frozen yogurt

Daddy employing some stalling tactics

Our little family

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  1. That's a great family pic - maybe a Christmas card pic?! :) Love Sawyer's expression in that one. What a guy!