Wednesday, July 10, 2013


The week Kyle and Nora were in Kansas I was looking for fun activities for Sawyer and I found the perfect thing...vacation Bible school. He loved it and it gave me a 3 hour break each day from being a single mom.

The had different Bible verses everyday, crafts, snacks, a game and a Bible story. I couldn't get much out of him in terms of what he learned and what he liked. When I would ask Sawyer a question about VBS he had two standard answers nothing and Jesus.

Sawyer what did you learn about at VBS today? Jesus
Sawyer what is your teacher's name? Nothing

Seriously? I thought they weren't supposed to have this kind of attitude until their teenage years :)

So, while I don't really know what he learned he had a fantastic time everyday!
Excited to show me what he did that day

in the stocks, the VBS theme was medieval castles


  1. Was it "Kingdom Rock" VBS? I can tell you what that was about, we did that one! As for his non-answers, I think it's a boy thing. My son has always done that also :)

  2. Ha, yes it was Kingdom Rocks! It must be going around the VBS circuit. Glad to know Sawyer is not the only one who is mute when it comes to his momma :)