Thursday, July 4, 2013

Daddy/Mommy Date {Week of Dates}

After a week full of kid dates the adults finally got to have some fun together. Last year for Kyle's birthday I prepared 6 dates for Kyle and for my birthday he prepared 6 dates for me. One of his dates was a evening at the food truck festival in Cleveland.

This may seem strange to some people but this fare was not the dirty food trucks you see at carnivals where you question whether you will be contracting salmonella the entire time you are eating your food. These are gourmet food trucks and it's a whole event complete with music and vendors.

We both stepped outside our culinary comfort zone. I ordered a Korean burrito that was delicious. Kyle ordered a steak sandwich with numerous toppings one of them being brussel sprouts! Kyle is not a vegetable eater by nature but he trusted the chef's creation and loved the way all the ingredients worked together.
Korean burrito with Lemonade infused with basil and rosemary (the drink seemed like an odd combination but it was delicious)
Kyle eating his steak and brussel sprout sandwich
After eating dinner we sat and talked without interruption, listened to the music, people watched (a woman walked up to the stage with a hula hoop and proceeded to do an interpretive hula hoop dance for hours) and ate cupcakes for dessert. I had a salted caramel cupcake that was amazing!

It was a much needed and very fun date! I can't wait for my next food truck experience :)

the colossal cupcakes

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