Wednesday, January 14, 2015

9 months

You can't win all the photo shoots…it was already well past his 9 month mark, but with the bad weather (i.e. bad lighting conditions) and sickness we just had to get it done…he wasn't very happy about it :)


weigh 17 lbs. 1 oz. (2%)

are 26.75 inches long (5%)

have a 17 inch head circumference (5%)

are tiny
like hanging around

are a speedy crawler

pull up on everything

prefer standing to any other position

Standing by yourself with no support
still only have 2 teeth

have poor sleep habits, we blame it on the teething

play games with the big boys (Tic Tock Croc, wrestling, evil twin)

loving his 1st Christmas
eat cheerios, your 1st experience was finding a Cheerio on the floor and you haven't looked back sense

love to eat pureed and table food of all kinds

say Dada and all done

are fearless, several times a day you will pull up on something or someone and just let go

climb stairs very swiftly

have a heart murmur…this was first noticed at your 1 week check-up and seemed to have resolved itself, but then it presented itself again. Thankfully you show no signs or symptoms of it being severe so at this point no further action is needed. We will keep an eye on you and check it again in 3 months. If the heart murmur is still present we will probably take you for an ultrasound

loved your 1st Christmas

are laid back

had your first 16 hours of driving in 1 day and you did fantastic!

only take your pacifier at sleep times

take a nap at 9:30 am and 1:00 pm

go to sleep around 8:30 pm

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