Friday, January 23, 2015


 I can't believe my first born is 5! On one hand I can't remember life without him, but on the other hand 5 seems so old!

Sawyer currently loves all things Lego. He is terrific at building creations using the directions, but he can also use his imagination and come up with his own designs.

His favorite shows are Octonauts and Handy Manny.

He loves to play games (board, video, active, anything and everything).

He is great at puzzles.

He loves tools and building/fixing things.

He could live outside.

He still loves to snuggle with his momma and will ask for snuggles nearly everyday.

He is quick and likes to hang on things like a monkey.

He is quick to laugh and his smile brightens the room.

He hates taking pictures.

His favorite food is PB & J

We recently had his annual well check. It was the 1st time he has been to the doctor since his last well check (last January), so I would say we have a healthy little guy on our hands.

Speaking of little…he weighs 33 lbs. 8 oz. (5%) and is 40.5 inches tall (8%). This pretty much tracks with his growth curve…he is just small.

This kid makes us jump for joy!

Other notable tidbits from the appointment:

We discussed my concern that he has not yet chosen a hand to write with. The doctor found that a little odd, so he performed a few tests (i.e. throwing a shoe, etc). The doctor concluded that his skills seemed age appropriate and while rare there is a good chance he will be ambidextrous. I think this may serve him well later in life, but at this point in his fine motor development it's important that he picks a dominant hand to help improve his writing skills. I'm not too concerned, but he is my 1st so of course I over analyze everything ;)

Recently we noticed Sawyer wasn't hearing well. We guessed it was a build-up of wax, because this has happened before and he hadn't been to see the doctor in a year. We were correct. Both ear canals were completely blocked making it difficult for him to hear. The doctor was unable to get the wax build-up with his tools, so the only other option was irrigation…Sawyer has had medicine in his ears and didn't mind it so I figured he would have no problem. Well I was wrong! He did not like the water in his ear, but once we started we needed to finish for the sake of his hearing. The doctor was able to remove 1 "plug" of wax, but we left the other so as not to traumatize him too much. We've already seen a marked improvement in his hearing.

And finally, he had to have an MMR vaccine. I didn't tell him until the last minute as the nurse was standing over him with the needle. He was scared for a second, but he sat still for the shot. There were a few tears after the shot, but overall he was very brave.

I told him how proud I was for being so brave and he looked at me with an angry face and declared, "I was NOT brave, I was scared and I cried!" Then we had a talk about the definition of bravery and in the end he conceded, "Maybe I was a little brave."

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