Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pre-K {1st Semester}

Sawyer has really blossomed in his 2nd year of preschool. He loves being in the 4's class! We love his school and his teachers!
Here's a look at some of his creations and some shots from his class:
Leaf man creation

an owl made of objects found on a nature walk

button apple tree
 One week the class read the book "Chrysanthemum" and they discussed the origin of their own name and how their name is perfect for them!

Before Thanksgiving break Sawyer gifted us with this hand-crafted book. The cover features his hand-written name, his hand turkey and the handle demonstrates the pattern making skills they have been learning.

We are so thankful for this boy, his teachers and all he is learning

an original Sawyer painting for his momma
And now some shots from his classroom. At the beginning of the year his teacher set up a class account on the Remind app and she takes several pictures each day for the parents to see. Most of these pictures are posted from his teachers.

This picture (see him in the orange hard hat?) was taken during his orientation, he fit in immediately

Dr. Sawyer

a huge tower made with teamwork

Nora loves to visit…here they are during singing time

Sawyer was so excited when I was the mystery reader at school

The thankful tree in November

the sensory table

proud of their tower

With his 2 teachers…he adores them

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