Monday, January 19, 2015

Sawyer's 5th Birthday

Sawyer's 5th birthday was filled with fun! He awoke to a pile of balloons and a birthday banner. And he got to choose 1 present to open right away. He chose the largest gift and it didn't disappoint…a large Lego set from Papa and Mema!

Excited before he even got the wrapping paper off

Sawyer had school on his birthday, so we brought in a treat for his class. Mini donuts and chocolate milk were a hit. He also got to show off Nora and Kolter to his class.

Though we had a small party I couldn't help creating some invites…the location is blurred out.

After lunch and rest time (which he couldn't wait for because he got to play with his new Lego's) it was party time! Kyle came home early, grabbed Sawyer and they were off to pick-up his friends. He chose a "boys only" event with 2 of his friends to SkyMax, a trampoline facility. The kids had a blast bouncing around for an hour.

sorry for the blurriness…it's kind of difficult to capture 3 jumping 5 year olds

After literally bouncing off the walls for an hour they were famished.

eating their sandwiches…they had no need for the veggies
They came to our house for a gourmet dinner of Sawyer's choice, PB&J :) Uncle Cliff, Aunt Jess and Cadence also came over to celebrate. After eating (I made more than just sandwiches :) Sawyer opened his gifts. He received all kinds of fun items like Lego's, planes, a bow & arrow set and a remote control car. We got him soccer cleats, shin guards and his very own soccer goal. He is all set for his soccer team this spring. He later said that was his favorite part of the day!

Then we concluded the evening with singing, cake and ice cream. Sawyer wanted chocolate cake with chocolate icing, so that's what he got. I love that he loves to keep things simple. Sometimes I want to go overboard with the parties, but when I ask what he wants it's always super simple…love him!

my very amateur cake, but it's exactly what Sawyer wanted and that's all that matters

I did very little decorating for Sawyer's party, but when we saw these echo microphones on clearance at Target we had to pick them up (the kids always want to buy them). Then I couldn't help creating a little printable for the party favor. Before the party the kids and I had fun personalizing each microphone with their names. Then at the party I put out all kinds of stickers for the kids to decorate their own microphone. It was a super simple craft they all enjoyed.

3 cute 5 year old friends

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