Monday, January 12, 2015

Family Fun {Christmas Edition}

Just a few more shots from our Christmas fun in Kansas. These are pretty random, but all special!

On our drive I put the farm address in our map app and these are the final know you're going to the middle of nowhere when the map directions tell you to simply turn left without any indication of street name and the final direction states: prepare to park your car (instead of the destination is on the right).

I couldn't quit giggling at these directions!

the kids did really well on the long drive and this is evidence that Mum-mums were essential to Kolter's happiness

These two...back together again and as silly as ever...friends forever!

these 2 are so close in age I hope they are friends forever too

Cadence and Aunt Jess
Papa entertaining Kolter

The Schenk girls in their matching skirts and hair bows. Those are some cute kids if I do say so myself!

entertaining themselves at the Gillen Christmas lunch

Nora is a major Papa's girl...she was attached to him the whole visit

Aunt Candace with sleeping Kolter
Kolter never falls asleep in public anymore, but this afternoon the poor guy was so tired. Kyle even threw him in the air (which he loves) several times, but he continued to sleep through all the bouncing and flying. I guess he was a little exhausted :)

There is always a lot of wrestling and kid piles when the Schenk's get together. See the evidence below:

Sunset at the farm

Nora and I went caroling with the church. I was nervous about how Nora would react to all the older people (we sang primarily at nursing homes and assisted living facilities). We talked about it before we went. But she really surprised me. She talked to every single person at every single place! It was so sweet! She was also often rewarded with a treat, so that may have provided some motivation. At one facility we sang at the door opened and then nice woman held out a whole tub of cookies and I realized it was my high school BFF's grandma. Both of the above pictures of grandparents of some of my best've got to love small towns!

This is completely random, but I couldn't stop laughing...this was a decoration at one of the nice, new facilities...who thinks to have a porcelain cat? Then to place it on a fancy footstool? Then to decorate it for Christmas? Again only in a small town!

These 2 love each other and Sawyer is a great brother always up for making Kolter laugh. Papa having some snuggle/wrestle time with his boys.

I think this guy loves the Royals too...start them young

Snuggling with Papa..they kind of look alike :)
He was happy about Christmas

cousins taking a bath
Living the fancy life in the SC
I won't go into too much detail about the above picture. Just know it involved borrowing fur coats, wearing lots of jewelry, a dog and a music video.

Someone likes to lick the bowl

We celebrated Sawyer's birthday with Papa and Grandma! He was quite excited about an early b-day celebration.
This kid loves tools and he got several for Christmas and his bday. Here is his "fixing" Papa's tractor

Happy to be with Grandma

And happy to be with Papa

Uncle Troy trying to tame the Schenk kids
Nolan loving on Kolter

the girls have to stick together
Aunt Audi and sleeping Kolter
the whole Schenk clan

a beautiful KS sunset to end our time

And some farm fun:

Driving the Deere

Sawyer climbing on hay bales

Gracie and Sawyer climbing on hay bales

Riding the tractor

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