Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas Eve {Part 1}

We are back home and settling into our normal routine. I'm going to recap Christmas over the next few days, so be ready for several posts and lots of pictures.

We hit the road on Friday, December 19th after Kyle got off work. We made it half way that night and stayed in a hotel. We got up bright and early for the 2nd half of the trip. Thankfully we made it to Papa and Mema's house by dinner on Saturday. It's a 16 hour drive (Kolter's 1st) and the kids did very well. Kolter fussed very little and when he did a Mum-Mum would appease him ;)

After a few days relaxing days of farm fun at Papa and Mema's the Christmas extravaganza began. We spent Christmas Eve at Papa and Grandma's house.

 The big kids loved making cookies with Grandma

Kolter liked meeting Papa
What's a Christmas cookie without lots of sprinkles?

Then we opened Christmas gifts. Kolter was the smallest person and he had the biggest gifts :)

The kids love their new (noisy) cap guns. 

they also helped Papa open his gifts
One of my favorite gifts!

loving being at Papa and Grandma's

Sawyer received lots of Lego's for Christmas and he couldn't be happier! He is not allowed to play with them around Kolter because hello choking hazard. So, he could not wait until the little kids nap time so he could build with his new Lego's. Papa and Sawyer worked together to create this fun Lego treehouse!

We loved our time at Papa and Grandma's house and now it's time to head back to Smith Center for some Lambert family fun...

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