Monday, January 5, 2015

A Handmade Christmas

This Christmas I made far less than I normally do, but I was able to create a few gifts for special people in my life. The strange thing is most of my handmade gifts involved no sewing. I ventured into more graphic design this year.

A Lego mat for Sawyer

For Kyle's parents we all went in together and gave them a girls and guys day'o'fun. I created a gift certificate for each of them. Above is the boys day of fun and each ticket described an activity they were going to do. Below is the girls certificate describing our day of pampering.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it on the blog, but I am all about natural deodorant right now. I've been using it for over 6 months and love it. I finally bit the bullet and made some of my own (there are numerous recipes online). I also made a batch for my MIL's stocking. I also created the jar label using the Graphics Fairy blank vintage label and Photoshop.

The kids helped make Puppy Chow for the single coaches and for our neighbors. 

This gift was for one of Sawyer's teachers. I utilized my Fresh Regard towels that match her kitchen and packaged them in an adorable ceramic berry basket. And of course I added a Starbucks gift card to round out the gift.

This year on the Schenk side the cousins all drew names for a gift exchange. We happened to get all the girls, so I decided to make them matching skirts with a coordinating hair accessory.

I also made Kolter a hooded towel since he didn't have a full-size version like the other kids, but I forgot to take a pic before I wrapped it.

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