Monday, March 3, 2014

How they are different...

It amazes me how 2 kids from the same DNA can be so different. Some of it may be gender based, or birth order or simply personality differences.

Sawyer learns easily by listening
Likes cake, but no frosting
Won't touch raw batter
Is content to be quite and not talk
OCD about everything
Likes things to be done in an orderly fashion
Not great with change or transition
Doesn't miss a thing (i.e. has a crazy good memory)
In control of his body
Loves technology and buttons (he could effortlessly beat me at Angry Birds)
Could care less about writing but loves letters and numbers
Loves mascots and all costumed people
Enjoys the process of building and fixing

Nora derives energy from social situations
Enjoys being around people
More outgoing
Likes frosting, but not necessarily the cake
Will lick the bowl clean
Is constantly talking to someone or something :)
Content when things are out of order (i.e. socks on wrong, etc)
Loves to color and holds the writing utensil correctly
Creative, constantly noticing colors, decor and clothing
Is terrified (literally screams and runs in the other direction) of mascots
Goes with the flow and gets excited any time we are trying something new
Learns best through song
Likes to play pretend

While they are complete opposites in many ways I think that's what makes them best of friends too.

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