Monday, March 24, 2014

Pinewood Derby

Recently Sawyer has started showing great interest in tools and fixing things. Any time Kyle is working on a house project Sawyer is right there to be his helper. So, when the church announced it's annual Pinewood Derby we knew Sawyer would LOVE to make his own car.

We purchased a car kit and everyday for the next week Sawyer begged to make his car. Finally when the weekend rolled around it was time to begin. Sawyer was obsessed with putting the wheels on, but since that is one of the final steps Daddy made him a checklist to break down the process into 20 steps.

Every time Daddy had a free moment Sawyer was begging him to do the next step! First Sawyer looked online at some examples and chose his design. Then he traced it on the car and Daddy cut the shape.
watching Daddy cut the car and making sure he was being safe :)
Then the hard part, sanding, sanding and more sanding. Sawyer was a trooper! He sat on that bucket in the garage for several hours (broken up over a few days) sanding the car until it was smooth.

Finally after all the sanding it was time for the much anticipated paint job. Sawyer chose red and gray as his car colors and insisted there be a #4 on the car. Kyle was adamant that Sawyer do this project primarily on his own and painting was no exception.

After the paint dried it was time to put in the axles and attach the wheels. This was the part Sawyer had been waiting for and loved every minute of snapping the wheels into place.

hammering in the axle

Snapping in the wheels

Taking it for a test drive
Sawyer's picture of his car…pretty artistic I think
This weekend they added the weight and now it's all ready for the race next weekend!

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