Wednesday, March 19, 2014


As I near the end of this 3rd pregnancy I thought I would document the similarities and differences with my previous pregnancies.

The 1st 12 weeks were tough. No actual sickness just extreme exhaustion and nauseousness. Very similar to Nora's pregnancy.

As my body changed and my belly grew it became apparent I was carrying this guy very low just like my 1st pregnancy with Sawyer.

With Sawyer and Nora I didn't need maternity wear until 20 weeks, but this time my belly expanded much faster and by 12 weeks I was happily sporting the stretchy maternity pants.

I ran until 20 weeks with #3 just like with Sawyer. However, with Sawyer I worked out until the very last day of pregnancy. This time around I developed a stress fracture in my foot at 22 weeks and after being out of the workout routine for 2 weeks I never went back. With Nora I was working out, but then I got sick and since I didn't know I was pregnant I took a break and never looked back.

In all 3 pregnancies my food cravings have remained pretty consistent mostly in the form of red meat and ice cream. This time however, there is one major difference, I can eat chicken. With pregnancy #1 and #2 the thought of chicken was gag inducing. This time it can make me a little queasy, but I can usually eat it just fine.

My thyroid issues followed the same pattern as with Nora's pregnancy.

As for weight gain pregnancy #3 exceeds any of my other pregnancies. We may have a larger baby on our hands :) With Sawyer I gained 25 pounds. With Nora I gained about 30, but I began the pregnancy below weight and ended it about the same as with pregnancy #1. This pregnancy I started at the same weight I was with pregnancy #1, but this time I've gained about 30 lbs and I still have a few weeks left.

Another added feature of this pregnancy is acid reflux. I've been experiencing it at night since about 30 weeks. Never in my life have I had heartburn until now. Thankfully it's pretty minor, but suffice it to say I bought my first bottle of Tums.

Besides the weight gain and the added aches and pains this pregnancy has been a mix of the other two. Hopefully the labor and delivery follows suit as both of my previous births were smooth, quick and safe.

Speaking of labor and delivery we have a little bet going on in our house and we would love for you to join in.

What day will the baby be born?
To assist in the guess the due date is April 6th. With pregnancy #1 I delivered 2 weeks early. With pregnancy #2 I delivered 1 week early.

My guess: April 1st (simply because I think it would be fun to have a birthday on April Fools Day :)
Kyle's guess: April 2nd (he picked that date to play the odds and annoy me)
Sawyer's guess: April 4th (because he is 4 :)
Nora's guess: March 26th (no idea why, that was the 1st number out of her mouth when I asked)

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