Wednesday, March 5, 2014


If you're familiar with this blog you know Nora has a great affection for Doc McStuffins. She is constantly carrying around her doc bag and giving people/stuffed animals check-ups. One day she was going through her stuffed animals and realized she had her very own lambie.

She has had this particular stuffed lamb since she was born, in fact it is a Scentsy stuffed animal. When she found it that fateful day she declared it her very own Lambie, but there was one small problem she was missing her pink skirt. Nora was pretty adamant that Lambie needed a pink skirt so she could be a ballerina!

One day in the fabric store I remembered the dilemma and I let Nora pick out some pink fabric then I fashioned a skirt for Lambie.

Not too shabby for my 1st attempt at doll clothes and my 1st time sewing with satin.

And the best part is Nora approves…hopefully she doesn't realize the Lambie clone is still missing a pink bow :)

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