Friday, March 28, 2014

As we wait...

I've almost hit 39 weeks and now we're just in the waiting game. Sometimes I love the wait because my calendar is mostly clear and I am able to love on my little ones a bit more and complete some of the tasks that I had hoped to finish. Then sometimes I hate the waiting game because I'm uncomfortable and ready to meet this little (or big) guy.

So what have we been up to during this time?

My friends threw me a surprise sprinkle and boy was I surprised! It was such a fun girls night complete with lots of chatting, laughter, a s'mores bar and thoughtful gift ideas. They gifted me with lots of diapers for the new little one and Sawyer and Nora also came away with loads of new toys/activities. Each guest brought something for the older ones and they created a nursing box. I can use the new toys/activities as a good distraction when I have to care for the baby and can't be focused on them. They are going to LOVE it and so am I!

We purchased another mattress, so the bunk beds are complete. Our sleeping situation is now complete hopefully for a long time.

Several of my friends have recently had babies, so we've been taking them meals and loving on their little ones.

Sawyer had spring break this week. It didn't really feel much like spring…

Kyle is in the midst of spring football, which means lots of early morning practices (think 4:45 am wake up calls).

Nora's been tagging along to my frequent doctor appointments. She is a trooper and is always so talkative with the nurses and doctors. When we leave she always tells them "I love you."

I recently had a morning off thanks to Sawyer being at school and a friend watching Nora, so I went to the salon for highlights and a hair cut. I love to do this before each birth. If I have to be large and swollen for pictures at least I can have nice hair :)

For those who know me in real life you probably already know the little dude already made his entrance into the world. I wrote this post just days before he arrived. I'll be back with all the details, but until then here's a sneak peek.

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