Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kids Carnival

Every year the Malone education department hosts a kids carnival designed for those with special needs. I think it is such a great ministry opportunity to reach out to those kids and families!

And honestly kids of all ages enjoy the fun. As evidenced by the pictures below. This year's theme was fairytale land complete with characters ranging from the big bad wolf, pinnochio, princess, little red hiding hood, etc.

Sawyer is all about games board, video, computer, made up…it doesn't matter he is always up for a game. He had a blast going from station to station playing all the games. I think his favorite was the whack a wolf or sword fighting, which was put on by the football players so it also involved tackling :)

Nora is TERRIFIED of people in animal costumes. She spent the first 1/2 of our time clinging to our legs and running in fear of people like the big bad wolf. But once she caught that she could win a prize at each game she overcame her fears and had fun.

Here's a look at our night'o'fun:

Sawyer high giving the big bad wolf, Nora cowering away from the big bad wolf, Sawyer practicing his archery skills

Practicing his sword fighting technique

And now for the actual fight with a monster and he got him!

Nora was terrified of the monster, but Daddy saved the day

Helping the princess find her frog was much more up her alley

Or she also enjoyed holding hands with her brother and finding the perfect pair of shoes for the character

more games

Sawyer at the jester training center building with cups

Daddy protecting Nora from the costumed people :)

Whack-a-wolf is always a hit

And what's a carnival without a little or a lot of cotton candy?

And everyone, including daddy, got a crown!

The kids decorated their crowns…what can I say Sawyer likes the bling :)

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