Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekend Recap

We had a low key weekend at home, which almost never happens…what do you get when you combine a weekend at home with no plans and a 37 week pregnant woman? NESTING!

This is Nora on Friday night coloring on my phone. I love the way she lounges, but I think it makes her look so old. Perhaps a glimpse into what we might be seeing in her teenage years :)

On Friday evening Kyle finished his bunk bed project (more on that in another post) and he and Sawyer put the bed together. Earlier in the week Kyle put the crib back together. So now the boy's room is all ready for the baby's arrival.

Sawyer is very into tools and helping Daddy fix things
Saturday morning we DEEP cleaned the kitchen. It was a family affair of floor cleaning, cabinet decluttering and dusting, sinking shining, refrigerator cleaning and disinfecting galore. I even dusted the ceiling and the ceiling fan, which never happens. From 8 am - 1 pm we were busy bees.

Saturday afternoon as the kids (and the husband) napped. I finished off a big project for baby #3. I put the binding on the quilt I made for our new little man(more on that in another post).

Then to reward ourselves for all the hard work (and to keep the kitchen clean for at least 24 hours) we went out to dinner as a family. I love that the kids are now old enough to really enjoy going to a restaurant.

On Sunday morning we went to church and enjoyed a great message on prayer. During the afternoon the kids (and the husband) napped. I worked on a few more baby projects including a new style of nursing cover and a wet bag (I'll do another post on those baby projects). When the kids woke up Sawyer was insistent on working on his Pinewood Derby car with Daddy (more on that to come after the race). To distract Nora I helped her make a new necklace. She LOVES anything involved with a craft, which makes her mommy happy :)

Nora making her necklace and the finished product

Then we wrapped up the evening with a family meal and a few games and a dance party. As you can tell the weekend wasn't filled with exciting activities, but it was a wonderful weekend with the perfect balance of family activities, productive work and relaxation.

I think we can officially say we're ready for this baby to make his entrance!

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