Thursday, February 27, 2014


Sawyer participated in gymnastics again this winter. He loved it yet again!

It was pretty amazing to see the difference a year makes. He was in the same 3-4's class, but you could tell he had matured a great deal in 1 year. Last year he was constantly bouncing off the walls, crying for mommy, would not sit and wait for his turn, etc. This year he was one of the older kids in class and he did a great job listening to the instructor, waiting for his turn and sitting still. And the best part there were no tears or running away! It did a momma's heart good to see that age and maturity really do make a difference.

He still refused to do the warm-up at first. I don't know if this has to do with his perfectionist tendencies or he just didn't care to do the non-active exercises, but we talked to him about the importance of listening to his teachers (plus a little candy bribery) and he eventually started participating and actually enjoying the warm-up.

Here's a little look at the action:



Being angry because a little girl took his carpet square

attempting a cartwheel

on the big balance beam

always proud to come tell me about his class and show me his "good job" stamp

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