Monday, June 13, 2016

Mother's Day

I realize this was a while ago, but I just wanted to commemorate my day of spoiling. Saturday, before Mother's Day, Kyle gave me a day off and I used the time for some much needed retail therapy. Actually, I went to garage sales and furniture stores in search of things for the new house. With 3 kids in tow the only stores I usually visit are grocery stores and Target, so it was really nice to leisurely walk through stores and look at items without a thought about some child running away or breaking something.

My mother's day picture never turns out as well as I envision. This year it also features a mini van and a toy truck...both very fitting for this stage of my life. While it may not be the perfect picture I do love that it represents all 4 of my little blessings.

First we went to church then out to lunch.

The kids even agreed to Mommy and me selfies.

The day after Mother's Day Sawyer's class invited all the Mom's to a special tea party. They showered us with gifts, treats and a fun performance.

What a special time with my big guy! He was so excited to sing for me and show me around his class!

It's always so interesting to see how my kids answer these height and weight are both very generous. He likes my eggs because that is his favorite food. I LOL'd at the next one because he obviously doesn't look at me much...hello I'm pregnant ;)

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