Friday, June 17, 2016

2nd Semester {Pre-K}

Sawyer completed Pre-K at the end of May. This year brought a lot of transition, but he took it like a champ. He still loves and misses his old school and teachers, but he also acclimated very well to his new school, made new friends and loved his new teachers.

Sawyer with Mrs. Rodgers and Mrs. Carmack

The learning/teaching style at his new school is very different from his previous school. It really pushed him in his writing skills. Here are a couple of excerpts from his second semester of Pre-K.
This is a 2 sided picture and Sawyer said the top picture was Daddy and Mommy in jail and we were crying. The bottom picture is Sawyer at home crying because he misses Mommy and Daddy. Such a sad thing for a little one to draw, but it also kind of makes me laugh to think what's going on in his brain.

A couple of Q& A sheets about what Sawyer likes at this age.

Below are a few writing samples to show how his penmanship has improved.

The first one says "Dear Mom and Dad, love you, dear Sawyer" the second picture/drawing says "I like to eat snow."

This is a picture he drew at the end of the semester and you can tell his name is much more legible and his drawings are far more detailed. He brought home so many papers throughout the semester, but it's pretty incredible to look back and see the improvement.

More Q & A papers about his loves for Valentine's Day and a birthday survey.

He also completed his 1st report. His class was talking about the 50 states and he was assigned Ohio. He had to fill out this report and bring something fun to represent Ohio. He took Buckeye candy to share with his friends.

One of his last (and my favorite) pieces of artwork from Weaver!

Besides his handwriting improvement he has also been very interested in reading, so that is what we are working on as we enter into summer fun! He can't wait to start kindergarten in the fall!

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