Friday, June 10, 2016

Lost Tooth

This oldest child of mine recently had his 1st loose tooth! One night at dinner we were eating on the patio and I looked at him and noticed something strange about his teeth, so I got up and went over to him and inserted my finger into his mouth and sure enough I discovered his loose tooth. He was pretty excited!

Throughout this motherhood journey there are constantly signs of my children growing. Most of them pass me by without a second thought (moving up a size, learning to read, etc.). But some take me by surprise, make me stop in my tracks and cling to their littleness. So until that tooth fell out there were lots of extra snuggles and reminiscing about my 1st baby.

About a week later, on his last day of Pre-K, he decided it was loose enough to pull. Daddy, the brave one, put him over his legs and gave a little tug and the tooth came out. There was a bit of blood, but he was so excited about the event he didn't even mind.

Thankfully, before we left Ohio I made each kid a tooth bag to put under their pillow for the tooth fairy. It was one of my last projects I made before I closed up the sewing machine in December and it hasn't been back out yet (shocking I know...soon enough we should have my desk built so I can sew once again).

That night Sawyer put his tooth in the bag under his pillow and when he awoke in the morning he came running in disappointed the bag was still under his pillow and assuming the tooth fairy hadn't come. I reassured him that the tooth fairy just takes the tooth, but fills the bag with something else. So he ran back in to confirm that the tooth fairy had indeed stopped by and left a note and $1. Then all was right with the world once again ;)

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