Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Fun with Friends {OH to OK}

And for the rest of the story about Tricia's trip from OH to OK.

Nora and I picked up Tricia and 2 of her 4 kids at the airport. It was their 1st time in OK! From the airport we grabbed some Braum's to eat (it was a treat for them since there are no Braum's in OH) and went to Sawyer's t-ball game.

The next day was pretty low key. The kids had fun playing together and showing Leah their new house. Then we went around town showing them the Schenk hotspots.

We drove by the kids school and our rental house. Then we stopped at SNU and let the kids run around campus. Kolter always in his cape ;) After lunch and rest time we headed to the pool. This was a kid favorite! When it's over 100 degrees there aren't many other outdoor options ;)

On Saturday, Kyle graciously watched all 5 kiddos while the girls had a day out!

We started with summer kick-off pedicures. We went to a delightful, new-to-us cafe for lunch (Cafe 501), did a little clothes shopping (because when you collectively have 7 children 7 and under that's a very rare occurrence). And to top off our day out we stopped at Green Goodies which is a cupcake shop in OKC (that has been featured on Cupcake Wars) specializing in gluten free and vegan cupcakes.   They were delicious! It may have had something to do with the fact I hadn't had sugar in 30 days (Whole30), but I am officially hooked ;)

It was so refreshing to have girl time, a chance for uninterrupted conversation and to be with a friend that knows me so well!

Our girl time end on Saturday because Sunday we had scheduled a makeup consultation! Our group of 5 friends in OH had discussed how it would be fun to get a little makeover and to have someone teach us how to use and apply the right kind of makeup for our faces. We were both super excited to learn from the professionals! While it was a bit of a stretch for these normally natural skinned mamas, I can honestly say it was quite eye opening and we had so much fun at our lesson! I think I can now walk into a make-up store and feel pretty confident about my choices. Plus it's always fun to have someone do your makeup! Too bad we didn't have anywhere fancy to go…instead we went back to the house and Tricia helped me landscape ;)

While the mom's were away the kids had fun with daddy, went to VBS and made a tent to sleep in (what's the fun of a sleepover unless you have a tent?).

We are so thankful they came to visit us! We can't wait to see them again!

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