Wednesday, June 22, 2016

2nd Semester {Preschool}

Nora loved her preschool experience! She adores school, loves to make friends and adores her teachers. Her favorite activity is any kind of art, but especially painting!

Nora at the end of year pajama party with her beloved Lambie

Can you feel the love between Nora and her teacher, Miss Mary Lynn?

Nora brings homes loads of art, so this is just a small sampling of her work.

A dinosaur watercolor

A portrait of Mom and Dad

Nora loves a rainbow of colors.

She loves to color and works very hard on the details.

Nora's class picture

Nora with her turtle...I particularly love the sky with a sun, clouds and raindrops.

Nora's depiction of their sleeping arrangements in the rental house on the bunk beds ;)

Nora did great in preschool, but now she's ready to move on up to the big school!

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