Friday, June 3, 2016

Last Day of School {Eleanora}

 Nora completed her 1st year of preschool recently. She adores school! In fact she gets sad on the days she doesn't have school. She excels at making friends and art. Her favorite thing to do is paint! Because of our move Nora had to change preschool's in the middle of the year. While she desperately misses her bestir from Ohio (Brynn) she has made lots of new friends in OK, most notably her best friend, Canaan.

She is so excited to start Pre-K next year!

And I know she would want me to mention this is her preschool shirt that they ask the children to wear on special days. She hates wearing it! She says it's not her style ;) She would all like you to know if she had an option this would not be her last day of school outfit. Yes, she is 4 going on 13.

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