Monday, June 20, 2016

24 weeks {#4}

I'm so far behind on these I type this I'm almost 27 weeks. My excuse...I don't have a desk, so editing the picture each month seems like a big deal...I promise to try and make these more timely ;)

How far along: 24 weeks
Total weight gain: 0 lbs. This may seem odd, but over the past month Kyle and I did Whole30 and I lost 10 pounds, so I'm back to where I started at the beginning of the pregnancy, no need to worry I was still eating plenty of food I just quit eating sugar, gluten and dairy. It was perfectly safe!
Maternity clothes: YES
Sleep: I'm out like a light the minute my head hits the pillow
Best moment this week: Kolter being fully potty trained
Movement: yes, several times throughout the day, the kicks are becoming quite pronounced, most active at night
Food cravings: not much this month since I was restricted to meat, veggies and fruit
What I'm missing: not much, I feel great!
What I'm looking forward to: my friend from OH visiting!

At my doctor appointment the baby's heart rate was 160 bpm and everything else looked great. A few days before my appointment I got food poisoning. It was pretty awful as I was at church decorating for VBS when it reared it's head. I barely had the energy to drive myself home and then I proceeded to throw up several times in the middle of the road (luckily our church is in the middle of nowhere, so I could just stop when needed). It was not a pleasant 24 hours. I was also having stomach cramping for the next several days. Thankfully, it did not seem to be baby related and I am now feeling much better! Ironically, after 4 pregnancies that is the 1st time I've thrown up while pregnant. While I don't enjoy throwing up I would say that is a huge blessing!

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