Friday, September 11, 2015

iPhone Unload {August 2015}

At the beginning of August we went to the annual hot air balloon festival. It was the perfect evening for balloons. Pictures (top to bottom, L to R): Daddy showing Kolter the balloons, Daddy snuggling with Kolter and Nora, S & N craning their neck to see the balloons, Mama and Sawyer, Mama and Nora, Kolter ready for the hot air balloons, Nora loving the balloons, Kolter pointing out the balloons in the sky, Nora being silly, Sawyer fell asleep (we just got home from SC that day and someone did not get much sleep), lots of balloons and lots of people, the kiddos posing with the balloons

We tried to pack in the fun at the beginning of August before Daddy headed off to football camp…our special girl turned 4 and she had very specific cake requests…chocolate cake with orange frosting accented with a flower and rainbow sprinkles #sheknowswhatshelikes; S & N making rainbow kabobs for Nora's party; Daddy/daughter hug waking her up on her birthday; Nora at her yearly well check with her new birthday dress and rainbow unicorn; after a morning of arguing and antagonizing each other we went on an acorn/squirrel hunt. The fresh air and beauty of God's creation changed everyone's attitude #itsthelittlethings #attitudeofgratitude #theearthisfilledwithhisglory; Nora proud of her rainbow mani/pedi; brothers riding in a cart; lollipop, lollipop, oh lolli, lolli, lolli lollipop; celebrating our last supper before football starts

One Saturday morning we went to the Football Hall of Fame grand parade. And of course we brought donuts! Pictures: the kids enjoying their donuts, Kolter loved getting his very own donut, happy Nora, the Schenk and Penner kids watching the action, Kolter loved the big character balloons he even clapped for them, the baby being cute

Pictures: a pile of mess…that's after 1 meal…all day, everyday; this day I worked outside the home…my favorite part was eating a hot (dare I say, gourmet) lunch while reading a book #iloveallmyjobs; Kolter found a new favorite spot…on top of the counter, he's our little climber; one of Nora's 1st princess drawings, adorned with MANY stickers; Nora twirling while eating cotton candy; Nora and Sawyer showing off their Lego club creations; father/son wake-up snuggle; Kolter very excited about his 1st time up the play land at Chick-fil-a; Nora modeling her curled hair (she requested I use the curling iron); babysitters club blowing bubbles; Sawyer's kindergarten locker; cheesy Nora; my biggest baby wanted me to carry him to bed…he was being so sweet and snuggly until he saw I pulled out the camera

Pictures: Emotional day at the Schenk house…Nora made her very own PB&J (from setting out the ingredients to licking the knife clean)! We may have a new lunch lady around here! #hallelujah #toobigtoofast #bittersweet #mostlysweet; working on Christmas towel sets; after 32 years I suffered my first bee sting #boo; the kids wanted to go on a jog so they put on their socks and tennis shoes (we haven't seen those in several months ;); Kolter trying to keep up; snuggles with my biggest baby #heartexploding #whatbedtime #myapologiestohisteachers; making daddy proud…Ford Bronco for the win

Pictures: Nora and Caleb Penner walking into preschool orientation hand in hand; Nora excited for preschool orientation; brothers sharing ketchup; Kolter excited about black beans; Kolter learning to enjoy the finer things in life…fast food fries #ketchupmakeseverythingbetter; all three riding the cozy coupe; this little one is so inquisitive; my boys; my girl; my soy bean

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