Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Doors, Driveway & More

This summer we tackled some outdoor projects. I've mentioned the biggest project, the bottom part of the driveway in this post. To finish the driveway Kyle resurfaced the asphalt on the top portion. Kyle also replaced the storm door that was old, not aesthetically pleasing and broken. My contribution was re-painting the front door. I also painted a new door for the back door in the garage as the old one was literally falling apart (sorry no picture of that exciting project ;)
Anyway here's a few before and afters of our summer projects:

screen door before
Before: old faded brown screen door After: full view storm door in black to accent the shutters

The asphalt part of the driveway complete with lots of cracks

Before the resurfacing we did some power washing…I wanted to power wash all the things. So rewarding! This is the front walkway!

Here's an after of the resurfaced driveway and the concrete portion at the bottom. Such an improvement! Not the most glamorous project, but it does make a big impact.

And just for fun here's a before and after from the 1st day we took possession of the house (5 1/2 years ago to today):


Another before:

And after:

I love the way it looks now…lets see if I can cover all the changes…new windows, new shutters, large tree removal, planted smaller tree, new garage door, resurfaced driveway, concrete driveway, removed overgrown bushes, new landscaping, mulch, new screen door, rebuilt chimney

The only thing that is not an improvement is the grass situation. Our grass right now is brown because of the lack of rain. In our 5 years in OH we've never had brown grass because it rains all the time. No one even owns sprinklers. So this is very unusual, hopefully it greens up again soon. Kyle is actually enjoying the lack of rain because it means he doesn't have to mow during football season ;)

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