Monday, September 7, 2015

1st Day of Preshool

Nora has been so excited to start school! She has literally been counting down the days. And there have been several rounds of tears because Sawyer gets to go to school, but she couldn't go yet :(

However, FINALLY on Tuesday of last week Nora made her school debut! She picked out her outfit. Requested the perfect hair style. Ate a pancake breakfast courtesy of Daddy. Put on her backpack and off headed to the van.

When we reached the school she jumped out of the van and said, "Bye Mom!" I think she was ready ;) I informed her we would be taking a few pictures and then I would walk her inside.

Walking into school with her very own big kid backpack. She found her name and hung it up.

When I picked her up she was all smiles! She then proceeded to tell me all the details. They read a Bible story about Jesus creating everything and a dinosaur story. Then they sang the dinosaur song and she got a pink dinosaur. Then they played outside and she fell and got a bandaid. She colored several pages including a portrait of her daddy. She also got to paint! I could go on and on because she could not stop gushing. I think it's safe to say her first day was a smashing success.

Then as is our tradition we went out for a special treat…Menchies frozen yogurt with all the toppings

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