Monday, September 28, 2015

FBG #4

This weekend Malone played Tiffin at home.

The kids and I enjoyed the tailgate before the game. Nora has made friends with one of the parents and she gave her some sparkly hand sanitizer. Lets just say everyone at the tailgate had very clean hands. And Sawyer made sure everyone had a Spiderman sticker!

As we made our way to the stadium we noticed a big change…the visitor stands had been torn down. The football hall of fame is undergoing lots of renovations as they turn it into a HOF village. These renovations include a new stadium. It was kind of fun to have a view of the whole city. In fact you could see Malone's campus from the stands!

The game itself was quite exciting, dare I say heart pounding. Tiffin had a great offense, but the defense did well keeping them under control and Malone's offense kept racking up points. It was a back and forth game. At halftime the Pioneers were ahead 14-9. In the final seconds of the game Malone scored a field goal to tie the game (24-24) and send it to overtime.

the game was during Kolter's nap time…he may have been a bit tired
Tiffin had the ball first in overtime starting at the 25 yard line. The Malone defense held tight and didn't allow a 1st down, but Tiffin opted for a field goal and scored. Then the Malone offense took the field. They advanced a few yards, but were unable to score. Thus the nail-biting game ended with Tiffin winning 24-27.

I'm mean really…he couldn't possibly get any more adorable!
It was certainly a heartbreaker! But on the positive side Tiffin was a tough team and the Pioneers played them really well!

our 1st family picture of the football season…actually our 1st family picture since Easter
some snuggles to make daddy feel better
he always perks up when he sees a ball

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