Friday, September 4, 2015

Football Camp

In the Schenk house the month of August = football camp. Which also translates to daddy is gone all the time and we have to find fun elsewhere ;)

While Daddy is gone I occupy the kids with lots of activities and lots of football practice.

All the coach's kids showing great teamwork at the lake

this boy loved getting dirty in the sand

 The kids love going to football practice. The bigs run around with their friends and this guy loves to watch the ball (and steal the players water bottle)!

He was very excited for his 1st practice of the season #ballballballballball #coachputmein #pintsizedplayer #malonepioneers 

One night we went with the coaching kids to an outdoor movie complete with glow sticks and ring pops
 Crossing the line and Daddy taking a quick moment to say "hi"

1 of 8,345,956,734 crazy things about parenthood…one moment they can make your heart nearly explode with happiness and the next moment they can make you want to pull your hair out #mommyneedsamoment #thankfulforgrace #forallparties…this was a common sentiment throughout football camp ;)

One day we went to football practice and made sno-cones for the players and coaches. The kids had fun making the "snow." And Nora (who is typically pretty shy around the players, especially in pads) loved handing out the sno-cones individually to each player!

Thankfully we got to visit daddy for most dinners. The kids loved seeing daddy and having special treats at the cafeteria. Mommy loved the little break and not having to cook dinner. One day we threw caution to the wind and had ice cream for lunch #mommywastired #lunchofchampions

I have  mentioned this kid loves a ball ;) the bigger the better

he is also mesmerized by the players

Kolter also enjoyed eating with the team…he got lots of treats…the right way to eat a Klondike bar 

August is over and so is football camp! Now onto the regular season!

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