Monday, September 21, 2015

FBG 2 & 3

The past 2 weeks Malone has played in Michigan. Both games were pretty exciting…

Week 2 the Pioneers took on Michigan Tech, which is in the Upper Penninsula of MI. The team left Thursday morning and returned at 6 am on Sunday morning. Kyle was a bit tired at church that day ;)
The game itself was very exciting! MI Tech was ranked #22 in the nation and the Pioneers gave them a run for their money. The lead went back and forth, but in the end Malone lost by 1 point (27-28). The team played very hard and everyone was encouraged by the effort.

Week 3 Malone traveled to Wayne State. The 1st quarter wasn't difficult, but the 2nd quarter the Pioneers pulled it together and scored 21 straight points (the defense held well) to take the lead. They went into half-time tied 21-21. We were all very excited, but the second half was basically a disaster and Malone fell 21-55.

We didn't travel for either game. Week 2 the kids napped while I listened to the game online. I also learned something new…in all my years as a coaches wife I've never worked out during a game. Well, I decided to try it and I have to say it was exhilarating! You have extra adrenaline and energy from the game so you feel superhuman while you're working out. I highly recommend it ;) After the game and the kids woke up we went to the head coaches house for dinner with the other wives and kids. It's always fun to have a distraction and to commiserate.

This is what Kolter did for Game 3…sat on the counter or table and ate the scraps…lets just say it was the safer option…his 1st attempt to entertain himself involved climbing on top of my desk, retrieving the scissors and rotary cutter then beating them on my computer
Week 3 was a night game so I invited all the wives and kids to our house. The wives watched/listened to the game while the kids ate and played. The game didn't end well, but it's always nice to have some company when you're all alone on a Saturday night.

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