Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer Lovin' {June 2014}

We initially had lots of travel plans for this summer, but I started to feel overwhelmed so we scaled back the trips. Now I'm feeling much more relaxed and able to enjoy the slower pace of summer. Since we're going to be home most of the summer months we decided to do at least one fun summer activity each week. Here are some of the activities we've tackled:

Sno Cones

Zoo Night

 Puppet Show in the Park


Towpath Exploring
Sawyer the driver

 Sawyer trying to catch butterflies and the aftermath of trying to jump over a large puddle and landing on your backside

 The boys

my girl

Ice Cream Cones (though I would argue this is an all year activity)

Sprinkler Fun

There was also a Lego Movie adventure with Daddy, but no pictures were captured. And that was just the 1st month of summer! I'm sure there will be a July installment as we try to savor our family time together.

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