Monday, July 14, 2014

Sawyer Sayings & Eleanora's Elaborations


It's Valentine's Day! That means you put a heart on it!

Walking out his door after putting him down for the night.
Sawyer: Mom, wait! I need one more thing.
Me: What?
Sawyer: All I need is you!

You know you're 9 months pregnant and have been asking your son to help a lot when he says:
Sawyer: I am very good at bending down. You are not!
Me: Yes, I know
Sawyer: all you have to do is bend your legs

Kolter is the best baby ever! We all love him so much!
Awe brotherly love :)

On a recent walk
Sawyer: What is that?
Me: bird poop
Sawyer: ew! What does duck poop look like?
Me: Um, good question.
File that under the questions you never thought you would be asked :)

I recently hit a deer with our van. During the event I screamed as I slammed on the breaks. It all happened so fast the kids didn't know what was going on.
Sawyer: What happened?
Me: I just hit a deer.
Sawyer: You HIT a Reindeer? HAHAHAHAHAHA (insert hysterical laughter)
Not really the 1st reaction most people have :) He obviously thought that was a weird, funny thing to do.

Sawyer came downstairs when he was supposed to be upstairs having quite/nap time.
Sawyer: I have on my mommy power suit
Me: Oh really?
Sawyer: Yes, that means I'm now the mommy and I'm the boss. And because I'm the boss I don't have to stay in my room for quite time!
Me: Nice try, get back upstairs :)

While Kyle was driving to church he made a turn.
Sawyer: Nice move Daddy!

Upon seeing his 1st tandem bike.
Sawyer: Look, they are stuck together!

Get me inside before I melt!

Me: Do you have dreams?
Nora: Yes! Pink dreams!

While snuggling in bed one morning.
Nora: I've got to get down I'm too busy.
Me: What do you have to do?
Nora: Wash my hands and play! I need to go work.

Sawyer is really into tools and he is constantly trying to "fix" his toys. One day while Sawyer was using a screw driver to "fix" his car Nora came up to me in a huff.
Nora: I don't have a sparkly screw driver! I NEED a pink screw driver!

Me: It's raining outside.
Nora: It's raining men!

Nora is a little pigeon-toed and we've been encouraged not to let her sit in the "w" position.
Me: Nora please don't sit like that. Put your legs out while you are sitting.
Nora (w/ a very teenage attitude): Mom! I'm not going to break my legs!

Nora names everything including her stuffed animals, her bike and even her ball. So I was really surprised one day when I asked her the name of her baby doll.
Me: What's her name?
Nora (very emphatically): Her name is My Baby Doll!

One morning Nora was sitting on my lap and I was stroking her hair.
Nora: What are you doing?
Me: I'm playing with your hair.
Nora: It's NOT a toy!

After spilling an entire box of spaghetti on the stairs. Nora's reaction "uh-oh spaghetti-o!"

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