Wednesday, July 16, 2014

iPhone Unload (2nd Quarter 2014}

iPhone highlights from the past few months:

 April 2014 (top to bottom, L to R): Superman yawning; Kolter sleeping x3; Kolter milk drunk; Sawyer and Nora chilling in Daddy & Mommy's bed; Kolter swaddled up after his newborn photoshoot; Kolter napping on Mommy; Sawyer and Nora entertaining Kolter; Kolter x2; Papa and Nana with Nora; Kolter napping, we all need to stop for a hug sometimes x2; Kolter napping on a walk; more Kolter napping x2; Kolter (and Sawyer) at his 1st football game (spring game 2014); Kolter napped most of the game; Nora at the spring game; Daddy and Nora at the spring game; Kolter napping; Nora playing outside; riding bikes; Nora loves her little guy but Kolter is not so sure; Kolter yawning; savoring the moments when my big boy wants to cuddle and nap on Mommy; Nora and MeMa; Kolter; Nora enjoying a cupcake x2; Kolter in big boy clothes; Sawyer riding the carousel; Nora riding the carousel; Mommy and Nora; sweet Nora loving the carousel; playing at the zoo x2; Kolter's 1st zoo trip; Sawyer riding down the slide at the zoo; Kolter slept most of the time at the zoo; Kolter and his goopy eye; Kolter (a.k.a. Daddy's mini-me); Kolter on the hoppy x2; Kolter's 2 month birthday x2; Sawyer loves to hold Kolter; Kolter stretching out x2; Sawyer and Nora enjoying fro-yo x2; bath time; Kolter sleeping in the sling, Kolter holding his head up
 May 2014 (top to bottom, L to R): Kolter lounging; Kolter's smile; Kolter's tears; Daddy's girl; Kolter on the hoppy x3; big kids at the dentist and doing great x4; Fresh Regard is open for business again; Kolter chilling with mommy; Kolter laying on his quilt x2; Nora in the sunshine; selfie in the sunshine; Nora in a tutu watching tv in a laundry basket; Sawyer sleeping; Kolter literally hanging with daddy (what a grip!); Daddy and Kolter were Mommy's dates for the evening; Nora enjoying some cake batter; tree cutting time; my favorite tree has bloomed; Mother's Day tulips from my favorite people; Mother's Day selfie with Sawyer; Sawyer selfie; Daddy taking a walk with Nora and Sawyer; Kolter x2; my superhero's Sawyer as Spiderman and Nora a Woody; Nora a.k.a. Woody the ballerina x3; Kolter x2; Daddy with his boys; Kolter relaxing; playing dentist x 2; my Mother's Day gifts tulips, a heart pin and barstools; Sawyer's Mother's Day drawing; Nora's Mother's Day drawing; silly Sawyer loves eating uncooked oatmeal; Kolter Koo; Nora mothering Kolter; Kolter and his big blue eyes; soaking up Kolter snuggles x2; Kolter contemplating; van after I hit a deer; Kolter hanging out in the sling; the different faces of Kolter including that sweet dimple x3; Nora coloring at Daddy's office; Kolter cuteness x 2; I survived my 1st grocery experience with all 3; Kolter; Sawyer smiles; Kolter and his tongue; Sawyer pushing Nora on the swing; Nora smiling on the swing x2; Kolter in his summer hat; Sawyer with his preschool teachers Ms. Erica and Miss Judy; Nora and her  best friends Buzz Lightyear and Jessie; Nora eating with all of her friends x2; Kolter and Cadence together; Papa and MeMa walking with Nora; Kolter and his paci; Kolter; Kolter in the miracle Woombi; Kolter smiles x3; Kolter tummy time; Kolter and his big blue eyes x2; Kolter in the Bumbo for the 1st time x2; more Kolter smiles x6; Welcome to the neighborhood gift I made; Kolter and his paci x3
June 2014 (top to bottom, L to R): Kolter milk drunk; Kolter tummy time x2, Kolter being serious, Kolter being smiley, Hodge Podge food truck with the owner Chris in the red, food truck date, belgian waffle with pulled chicken, Kyle enjoying his food truck experience, Kolter on the food truck date, showing off my food truck food, date selfie, Kolter saying hi, Kolter on his 1st road trip stop in Indianapolis, Kolter sticking his tongue out x2, Kolter wearing his cool ball cap x3, an impromptu sighting of the Illionis state capital, Kolter cutie, cousins reunited, swimming with cousins x2, Nora and Sawyer in the hotel bed, Sawyer glad to be reunited with Kolter x2, Gracie and Nora; Breckyn and Kolter, cousins; family selfie back at home together; Kolter enjoying the Bumbo; Sawyer loving his new hat; Nora wearing her helmet backward; Sawyer and Nora chowing on ice cream cones; Kolter and his sticker; Sawyer and Nora wearing their new googles; Mommy and Nora taken by Sawyer; Cute Kolter x3; Kyle, Nora and Sawyer on a boat during the camping trip; Kolter enjoying the sunrise on our camping trip x2; Nora worn out on the way home from camping; Nora reading her Bible; my boys x2; enjoying their 1st Sno Cone; Nora walking the bridge at the zoo; sibling hug at the zoo; playing at the zoo x4; Mommy and Kolter at the Akron Zoo; Sawyer enjoying the carousel x2; Mommy and Kolter chilling at the zoo; Akron Zoo sign with Sawyer and Nora on top; Kolter smiles x4; Kolter in the shadows; Kolter tummy time; sisterly love x2, Kolter; Sawyer and Nora reading the Bible together; Kolter waving hi; Sawyer and Kolter snuggling; Kolter trying to get his whole fist in his mouth; Kolter smiling at Sawyer's swim lessons x2; Sawyer happy after swim lessons; Nora, Jake and Sawyer enjoying a puppet show in the park; sibling love at the park, walking hand-in-hand; Putt-putt golf with Dorothy x2; Kolter smiles for his 3 month picture x3; Mommy and Kolter selfie; sibling snuggle time in front of a movie x2

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