Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fun w/ Friends {Vacation 2014}

We kicked off our vacation with a trip to Watertown, WI to visit some of our favorite people! The kids played really well together and the adults actually had a few conversations. I won't do too much explaining as the pictures speak for themselves, but we did a lot of playing, went to the park, did a little shopping, went swimming, went to the Madison zoo and visited a unique restaurant (Ella's Deli). And a momentous occasion occurred…Sawyer rode a bike with no training wheels for the first time!

While we may live many miles apart we LOVE visiting the Peterson's!

the big kids picnicking in the backyard

the girls watching a movie

someone got a new bike

freshly bathed and eating in their jambes
the whole gang…we've grown a bit in number since we 1st met

our little chickens

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  1. these two families! You guys all look great!