Sunday, February 9, 2014

Popcorn Bar {Dr. Suess Baby Shower}

I recently helped with a baby shower for a church friend. Her nursery is Dr. Suess themed so the organizers ran with the Dr. Suess inspiration.

My contribution was the popcorn bar. I saw the idea on Scrapaholics and I then proceeded to turn my house into a popcorn factory :) Making gourmet popcorn is not a difficult task, but when you make it in very large quantities (what's on the table is only about 1/2 of what I made) it can be quite the scene. We had popcorn, oil and ingredients everywhere. Then on my last batch as I opened a new bag of popcorn kernels I was a little too vigorous and the bag ripped and popcorn kernels rained down all over the floor. Oh it was a sight, but the end result was fun and delicious.

I made 4 different varieties of gourmet popcorn: salted caramel, cake batter, chili cheese and cajun spice. The cake batter flavor was hands down the favorite…warning it can be quite addictive. Also, on another note my kids helped me make the cake batter popcorn and now they think all popcorn should have sprinkles :) The cajun spice was the easiest to make and the healthiest of all the recipes (i.e. no butter).

It was a pretty simple set-up. I used my own and borrowed a few large glass jars. Then I wrapped ribbon around them and attached a printable I made. The table features a white tablecloth and orange chevron fabric I already had. I found the "Hop on Popcorn Bar" picture online then added my own popcorn varieties.

This one was also very good! 

There were several people involved with the shower and they all came up with some fun Suessical ideas.

Red and white cupcakes to mimic the Cat's Hat

table centerpieces with Dr. Suess fabric, a Suess book and accompanying stuffed animal

the gift table accented with a bunting made from Dr. Suess book pages.
I also created the food labels for the event. Feel free to use for your personal use if planning a Dr. Suess party. Simply click on the image to enlarge then right click and save to your computer.

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