Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Snow Days

You know you've had a LOT of snow days when your kids wake up, look outside, see a fresh coating of snow and declare they are once again stuck in a cage. Yes, we have been home bound a lot this winter. Sometimes, it's nice to have a day with no plans and I can catch up around the house. However, typically by the 2nd day of being home bound we are going stir crazy!

To further complicate the situation the temperature has been so COLD we can't even get out and enjoy the snow. Until recently…after a large ice/snowstorm in the middle of the night it actually warmed up above 20 degrees. After nap I mentioned to the kids that when Daddy got home they were going to play outside. They could hardly contain themselves! The dressing commenced immediately (even though they had over an hour to wait).

Here is what ensued:
waiting at the window for Daddy

 Putting the 1st footprints in the fresh snow

And of course pelting each other with snow balls. I worried this might turn into a fight, but they both loved it even when they got hit in the face, silly kids obviously needed some outdoor time 

They were so excited to get out in the snow!

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