Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Name Game

Naming the 3rd baby has become even more complex since we now have 2 little ones chiming in and they are quite adamant about their selections.

Some of Sawyer's early suggestions included:

The first 3 names are some of Sawyer's friends :) But around week 12 of this pregnancy he decided the babies name was Fred and he refuses to discuss any other names. So even though Fred will not be his given name he may forever be called Fred :)

Nora's Nominations:
French Fry

Nora insists the babies name is French Fry. She is open to other suggestions but at the end of the conversation she always chooses French Fry.

This time Kyle and I approached the name game differently than previous pregnancies. First of all we didn't have any name conversations until we knew the gender. We were busy and I knew there was no sense discussing because Kyle wouldn't take it seriously until we knew the gender. Also, we chose the first letter of the 1st name first (sorry if that is confusing) thus eliminating lots of names.

Our first conversation occurred on our drive to Kansas for Thanksgiving. It was the first time we were able to sit and chat for an extended period. We came up with a good 5-7 names we were both okay with. Then months went by with very little discussion due Kyle's hectic recruiting schedule. In my guilt (not really) of already neglecting the 3rd child I told Kyle we had to schedule a name conversation so we set the date for the Saturday following signing day :) That Saturday came and went with no discussion. Finally on Sunday night I mentioned it right before we went to bed and Kyle surprisingly said "I've been waiting for you to bring it up! I know the name do you want me to tell you?" I was shocked at his decisiveness…what no conversation, no discussion, no hemming and hawing for weeks?Nope not this time. He literally declared the name and it was right in line with my thoughts so I am happy to report Baby #3 has a full name!

But you'll have to wait a few more weeks to find out. And for the sneaky ones out there the kids mouths are sealed.

And what's a post without at least 1 picture? Here's a random shot of Nora wearing a funny hat around the house.

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